Pediatric Cancer

Environmental Impact Fund

We Live In A Sea of Chemicals

And many of these chemicals, including pesticides and herbicides sprayed on our food crops, benzene used in household solvents, and arsenic found in baby foods, are just the tip of the iceberg.

Among the most vulnerable are children, particularly young infants.

The Pediatric Cancer Environmental Impact Fund stands for these children by shining a bright light on outdated legislation, harmful agricultural practices, and industry loopholes.  If you believe your children and grandchildren deserve better, learn more.

  • Carcinogenic toxins are virtually everywhere.  They are found in our food, water, air, furniture, and even our clothing
  • The Pediatric Cancer Environmental Impact Fund’s mission is to influence public policy at the federal, state, and local levels that is supportive of legislation, regulations, and research which aims to reduce the risk factors and causes of pediatric cancers linked to environmental toxicants.
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