What We Do

The Pediatric Cancer Environmental Impact Fund’s mission is to influence public policy at the federal, state, and local levels that is supportive of legislation, regulations, and research which aims to reduce the risk factors and causes of pediatric cancers linked to environmental toxicants.

We believe we best change public policy by changing the hearts and minds of policy makers in government and decision makers in commerce and industry.  Our work takes the form of influencing public and voter opinion, publicizing new scientific findings, supporting technological environmental and health changes, partnering with similar interest groups, direct and shareholder business lobbying, and undertaking political advocacy activities at all levels of government.

Why We Do It

We do it all for the kids.  They deserve better.  They deserve a toxic-free life.

Sadly, as the 2020 Childhood Cancer Prevention Report confirms, pediatric cancer incidence rates, that is the number of new cases per 1,000 children, have steadily increased over the last five decades and across all racial/ethnic groups. Cancer is now responsible for more than half of all childhood and teenage deaths making this work all the more urgent.  The link between environmental carcinogens and childhood cancers can no longer be ignored or tolerated.

The important work of preventing these health harms can only be done if we increase our efforts to identify the causes— including industrial and environmental pollutants— and reduce or replace them to prevent harmful exposures and eliminate childhood cancer as a life-threatening illness.